Lee, Davison snatch ‘Body’ for remake

No screenwriter attached to pic

Producers Roy Lee and Doug Davison, who exec produced “The Ring” for DreamWorks, will produce an updated version of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” for Warner Bros. Pictures.

Warner Bros. owns the remake rights to pic after making the 1993 pic “Body Snatchers,” directed by Abel Ferrara.

Though as yet no screenwriter is attached to pic, new version is expected to center on a female protagonist who uncovers a conspiracy in a small town where the inhabitants’ personalities seem to be changing.

Pic is being overseen at Warner Bros. by VP of production Dan Lin.

Don Siegel’s original 1956 sci-fi/horror pic, based on Jack Finney’s serial story, centers on a hysteria that spreads through a small California town after which townspeople appear to their relatives and friends as strangers while retaining their outward appearances.

Pic soon became a cult classic and has been subject to several remakes.

One of the best known of these is the 1978 film starring Donald Sutherland and Brooke Adams. Set in San Francisco, pic recounts how the city is blanketed by spidery webs that replace the townspeople with blank pod bodies and legions of zombies grow, leaving only four humans left.

“Snatchers” is one of a number of pics Lee and Davison are developing for the studio.

Many are remakes of Asian pics including “El Mare,” based on a hit Korean film, and “Marrying the Mafia,” a romantic comedy about a lawyer who gets into hot water after waking up from a one-night stand with a woman he discovers is the daughter of a mob kingpin.

Other pics in development at WB include a remake of Hong Kong thriller “Infernal Affairs” and the Hong Kong martial arts comedy “Hitman.”