The Producers Guild of America has tapped Hawk Koch for its Charles FitzSimons award for extraordinary service on behalf of the PGA.

Koch received the kudos at Sunday night’s general membership meeting. It includes a lifetime membership in the guild, as well as an exemption from all future membership dues.

The discretionary honor is awarded by a secret ballot among the PGA board of directors, and the recipient must be named on the ballots of a majority of the entire board. Previous winners include former PGA presidents Leonard Stern and Stanley Rubin, George Sunga, Joel Freeman, Norman Felton, the late Ben Brady, Robert S. Finkel and last year’s recipient, Marian Rees.

The award, previously called the PGA Lifetime Membership Award, was renamed in 2001 following the passing of former exec director Charles FitzSimons. The PGA has gone from 400 to 1,800 members over the past three years and focused on credit proliferation and establishing the guild as an advocate for everyone on the production team, particularly TV line producers and production coordinators.

“In the years I’ve spent working alongside him, I’ve come to appreciate that there is no more dedicated member of the Producers Guild than Hawk Koch,” said PGA prexy Kathleen Kennedy. “No member works harder, gives more of himself, or speaks more passionately to the ideals of the PGA than Hawk does. The breadth of his contribution to our guild is equaled only by the size of his heart, and both are enormous.”

Koch said, “I’m thrilled and honored to receive such a prestigious award.  My passion for my work for the new PGA comes from the belief that producers and their team must have their rights protected like every other working person in Hollywood. Up until the new PGA, there was no place for us to go.  Now there is — and more and more producers, executive producers, co-producers, associate producers, production supervisors, production coordinators, etc., in film, television, documentary as well as new media are joining our guild.”