Cannes closer “Mystic River” will not be screened at the Deauville or Edinburgh film festivals, despite earlier reports confirming its presence.

Apparently, Warners agreed to have the film screen at the two events, but Eastwood’s people had already promised the New York Film Fest that the pic would not have been exposed anywhere other than Cannes. It unspools there Oct. 3.

In Scotland, fest organizers had to pull the film despite selling out two planned screenings. Deauville doesn’t sell advance tickets, so in practical terms the pic’s loss there doesn’t pose much of a problem.

“The In-Laws” will now close out the French fest, but Edinburgh Intl. Film Festival is not planning a replacement.

In an Aug. 14 statement Warners says, “We must unfortunately pull ‘Mystic River’ from all international film festivals. Due to unforeseen scheduling and post-production conflicts, we are unable to commit the film to any festivals.”

The post-production conflicts did not, however, stop the completed film from being screened in competition in Cannes in May.

Warners is so far sticking with Oct. 8 for the pic’s U.S. bow, despite competition from Miramax’s Quentin Tarantino actioner “Kill Bill” and Universal’s “Intolerable Cruelty,” from Joel and Ethan Coen, on Oct. 10.