Jim Carrey plays God in “Bruce Almighty,” but he’s no match for Malaysian bureaucracy.

Although the country’s notoriously strict Film Censorship Board had approved the pic for screening, Minister for Religious Affairs Datuk Abidin has called for it to be banned — on the grounds that the film is contrary to the teachings of Islam.

“We cannot equate ourselves with God almighty — even as a joke,” Abidin told Malaysia’s Star newspaper July 28.

Abidin objected to the pic after hearing a radio competition on local MIX-FM tied to the release of the Buena Vista Intl. release; it asked listeners, “If you could be a god, what would you do?”

Abidin has requested that the censorship board refer the ultimate decision to the Islamic Affairs Dept.

Getting past the board itself was no mean feat.

“Schindler’s List” never reached Malaysian screens because it was deemed Zionist propaganda. Laffer “Zoolander” was nixed due to a plot element revolving around an attempt to kill the Malaysian Prime Minister.

And most recently, the board vetoed the Ben Affleck actioner “Daredevil” because it supposedly encouraged youngsters to “hero worship someone with a devil-sounding name.”

It seems both God and the devil are in the details.