Inside Move: Col ‘Fish’ story gets bigger

Pic targets same aud as rival release 'Haunted'

Tim Burton’s “Big Fish” will take on Eddie Murphy’s “Haunted Mansion” this Thanksgiving.

Columbia Pictures will unspool the tale of an Alabama braggart Nov. 26. The adaptation of a novel by Daniel Wallace follows a son retelling the fantastical experiences his father claimed to have lived, including one involving the titular big fish.

Jeff Blake, domestic distrib topper for Sony, said “Fish” will be positioned as a family film to serve holiday auds. “Thanksgiving is a time when everyone goes to the movies,” he said.

Disney will be going after a similar audience for its second Disneyland ride-inspired pic.

“What the competition is that weekend is not as critical to us,” said “Fish” producer Richard Zanuck. “We think we have a wonderful picture that’ll play through the holidays.”

Pic, which stars Ewan McGregor, Jessica Lange and Albert Finney, will be pushed as the prime Col-produced Oscar contender.