Gilliam’s ‘Grimm’ pic Czechs in

Damon, Ledger starrer starts lensing

PRAGUE — Terry Gilliam’s “Brothers Grimm” began filming in the Czech Republic last Monday at the medieval Krivoklat Castle outside Prague.

Pic will lense for 17 weeks, mostly on stages and the backlot at Barrandov.

Matt Damon and Heath Ledger play the title sibs in the romantic action-adventure tale, starting off as a pair of con men traveling from village to village and experiencing a series of adventures that inspire their fairy tales.

Jonathan Pryce and Peter Stormare play French antagonists, and Lena Headey is cast as the femme lead. Search is still under way for the cameo queen role, which Nicole Kidman turned down, reportedly over scheduling conflicts.

Czech production services are handled by newcomer Reforma Films.