‘Fat Man’ spec bulks up with Col payday

Sandler's Happy Madison banner to produce

What is girth worth? Columbia Pictures plunked down a $675,000 guarantee against potential seven figures for “Fat Man,” a spec script by Mike Reiss about an 800-pound man who drops 600 pounds with the help of a nurse he finds more appealing than a Happy Meal. Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison banner will produce.

Reiss is an Emmy-winning scribe from “The Simpsons” and creator of the Showtime cartoon “Queer Duck.” In “Fat Man” he has written a pic considered a strong vehicle for a male actor.

Though the studio and reps for Sandler say not to place too much weight on the notion he’ll do anything more than produce, Sandler could certainly play the big fella or tap one of his comedy cronies who populate Happy Madison laffers.

Script has dramatic overtones as the portly protag undergoes an emotional metamorphosis to rival the obvious physical changes. He’s a bright but bitter and bed-ridden guy whose infatuation with the nurse prompts him to drop weight. As he sheds the pounds, the man faces a king-sized dilemma: What if she doesn’t fall in love with him?

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Col’s Doug Belgrad is shepherding the project, which is already being fast-tracked to directors and could be in production next year.

Reiss was repped by Original Artists and the Rothman Agency.