Revolution Studios has enlisted Storyline Entertainment partners Craig Zadan and Neil Meron to produce “Ice Breakers” and the Tim Allen starrer “In the Pink,” two pics that have been greenlit for 2004 starts but need script help.

Move will likely lead to other Revolution-Storyline project pairings and comes at a pivotal point for both parties.

Revolution had a hellish summer with “Gigli” and “Hollywood Homicide.” While the company’s undeniably effective in packaging and marketing films, its deal with Storyline is reflective of a desire to elevate script development. For their part, Zadan and Meron are coming off exec producing the Oscar-winning “Chicago” and just opted not to renew an overall Disney feature deal. That led to the courtship by Joe Roth and Todd Garner. Roth ran the company when Storyline made the small-screen hits “Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella” and “Annie” for Disney and ABC.

Major TV series output

Though Storyline didn’t renew its Disney movie deal, it is eminently possible it will re-enlist with the studio for television projects. Aside from a steady supply of musicals and movies, Zadan and Meron are poised to become major series suppliers for ABC starting with the Wednesday 8:30 fall entry “It’s All Relative.” They are also exec producing a sitcom for Harvey Fierstein and the Roman Empire-set drama “Taranus” for 2004-05.

The “Chicago” experience — pic became Miramax’s all-time highest grossing film with over $300 million in worldwide gross — led Zadan and Meron to rededicate themselves to features. The duo made post-“Chicago” deals with Miramax on star-driven feature musical remakes of “Guys and Dolls” and “Damn Yankees,” and they’re mounting a “Footloose” redo at Paramount. Storyline is teamed with Icon’s Mel Gibson and Bruce Davey to produce “Fahrenheit 451,” the Ray Bradbury novel adaptation that Frank Darabont wrote and will direct at Castle Rock and Warner Bros.

Pumping up features

“We have made a major effort to dramatically ramp up our feature output, and we’re happy to accomplish that with Joe and Todd,” said Zadan.

At Revolution, Zadan and Meron join Michael Rotenberg to produce “Ice Breakers,” a Billy Devlin-scripted pic about a washed-up hockey player who enlists teammates for an Ice Capades show in New York. They join Dan Halsted to produce “In the Pink,” about an unemployed guy who conspires with a group of women to sell cosmetics door-to-door. Barry Fanaro is rewriting. Storyline development veep Travis Knox will shepherd the pic pair with Revolution’s Navid McIlhargey and Scott Bernstein.