Bon Jovi on a ‘Wild’ ride

Helmer Kidd will o'see spouse-swapping pic after 'P.S.'

Dylan Kidd, writer-director of “Roger Dodger,” will rewrite and direct “One Wild Night” for Universal.

Studio bought the original pitch, about wife-swapping, from rocker Jon Bon Jovi, who is attached to star.

Pic follows four wealthy couples who indulge in a night of spouse-swapping and afterwards see their lives and marriages shaken.

Kidd’s production partner, Anne Chaisson, will produce the pic.

First up for Kidd, though, is his second feature, “P.S.,” for Hart Sharp Entertainment.

After U bought the concept from Bon Jovi, Dario Scardapane was commissioned to pen a script. Kidd will rewrite that draft. Bon Jovi will share writing credit.

Bon Jovi previously appeared in another U pic, submarine actioner “U-571.” Other screen appearances include “Vampires: Los Muertos” and “Pay It Forward.” He played the title character in John Duigan’s “The Leading Man” and guested on Fox’s “Ally McBeal.”

U production prexy Mary Parent is overseeing. Kidd and Bon Jovi are repped by CAA.