BERLIN — The Scandinavian film business and digital cinema will be among this year’s hot topics at the Babelsberg Intl. Conference on Film and Television Production Aug. 25-27.

Regional subsidy Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the event’s main organizer, on Thursday presented this year’s lineup of events at Studio Babelsberg outside Berlin.

Frank Stirling, CEO of Boeing Digital Cinema, will be one of the keynote speakers at a discussion on digital cinema, which looks at the differences between Europe’s electronic cinema (e-cinema) and the American standard digital cinema (d-cinema) and their prospects in Europe.

The confab will also focus on European film policy; changes to Germany’s film subsidy regulations; promotion and support for commercial enterprises and projects by the small and medium-sized production companies in the Berlin-Brandenburg region; and opportunities in the international market for European TV “events.”

This year’s regional focus is on Scandinavia and its thriving film industry; speakers include Peter Aalbeck Jensen, CEO of Lars von Trier’s Zentropa Entertainment.

Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg topper Klaus Keil said that Scandinavian filmmakers have turned their lack of financing into a successful art form by way of Dogma films. “It shows that necessity is power.”

The confab is part of the annual Berlin-Brandenburg Intl. Media Week, which also includes the Medienforum, held at the Intl. Congress Center in Berlin Aug. 27-28.

The Mediumforum focuses on technological developments, including the transition from analog to digital television.