Artisan Pictures has consummated a deal to make a movie out of C.D. Payne’s novel “Youth in Revolt,” the story of a precocious 14-year-old’s mission to lose his virginity. David Permut is the producer.

The book was brought to Permut by high schooler Mandy Freiberg, the daughter of veteran agent Mickey Freiberg. The 18-year-old Freiberg will be co-producer along with Steve Longi.

“Revolt” is the journal of Nick Twisp, a precocious teen whose coital quest coincides with the breakup of his parents.

Permut got the rights earlier this year (Daily Variety, May 7) and Artisan soon became interested. While it has the bawdy elements of “American Pie,” “Youth in Revolt” also has parallels to books like “Portnoy’s Complaint,” said Artisan Pictures production president Richard Saperstein.

“It’s funny, poignant and salacious,” he said. “This kid makes Portnoy seem like an altar boy.”

Saperstein, Rachel Cohen, Alex Franklin and Tamara Lecker will oversee the pic for Artisan.

Payne, whose book was published by Alvia Press, has written four humor novels; the Farrelly brothers are developing his book “Party Animals,” with Seth MacFarlane (“The Family Guy”) writing and directing.

More books hooked

On the book front, Permut Presentations also is developing with Shady Acres the Sam Kinison memoir “Brother Sam,” as a potential Shadyac directing effort. A draft has been written by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini. Permut’s got Katie Ford adapting “Prayers for Bobby” at Showtime and has optioned the book “White Out” at Warner Bros. for Antoine Fuqua to direct. Permut also is developing the Sammy Davis Jr. memoir “Yes I Can.”