2 team for blood, ‘Gore’

'Feast,' 'Devils' among exploitation pix to be remade

International buying consultancy Trans-Pacific Media has teamed with the Sick-O-Scope Motion Picture and Novelty Manufacturing Co. to produce remakes of five Herschell Gordon Lewis horror pics, turning first to 1971’s “The Wizard of Gore.”

The companies acquired remake rights from Jimmy Maslon, who holds rights to most of the Lewis library.

“The Wizard of Gore” is the story of a stage magician whose bloody tricks performed on audience members prove to be fatal. Sick-O-Scope principal Jeremy Kasten will direct.

Other titles in development include “Blood Feast,” “She-Devils on Wheels,” “Color Me Blood Red” and “Gruesome Twosome.”

Each film is budgeted under $1 million, but no financing is in place.

Lewis’ pics were renowned for over-the-top violence, preferring cheap and accessible fake blood to costly and time-consuming special effects.

In the early 1980s, Maslon consolidated the rights to Lewis’ films from his many producers and found video distribution for the titles.

“We will shoot simultaneously in 3-D and standard 2-D format,” said Kasten. “Our films will be entirely updated, with equal emphasis on performance and gore, but we will keep them rooted in their origins as exploitation films.”

“Wizard of Gore” reps Trans-Pacific’s first foray into film production since the company was founded nearly 10 years ago. Trans-Pacific principal Laurie Woodrow will produce with Sick-O-Scope’s Daniel Gold, Dan Griffiths and Kasten.

Gold and Griffiths produced horror pic “The Attic Expeditions,” starring Seth Green; Kasten directed. DEJ Prods. handled its North American limited theatrical and video release, with Trans-Pacific repping the pic worldwide.