‘T3’ terminates Asian B.O.

'Angels,' 'Hulk' singed by sun

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the B.O. champ in most of Asia and Argentina last weekend while scorching weather in Europe took some steam out of rookie “Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle” and other bowing pics, as well as holdover biz for “The Hulk.”

“Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” captured $12.4 million on 550 prints in Japan, including sneaks, for local distrib Toho-Towa, the market’s fifth-highest preem ever.

Released elsewhere by Sony, sci-fier grabbed $1.3 million on 249 screens in Thailand (a record for a Hollywood film and the industry’s second biggest behind Thai epic “Suriyothai”); $1.15 million on 66 in Hong Kong; $856,000 on 54 in Malaysia (sans sneaks, the territory’s third best); $789,000 on 121 in the Philippines (the 10th largest); and $750,000 on 50 in Singapore (No. 11 of all time).

Jonathan Mostow-helmed pic racked up $806,000 in five days on 96 in Argentina, including Tuesday night previews (second-largest ever behind “The Matrix Reloaded” in local currency) and $262,000 on 45 in Chile. All told, “T-3” amassed $20.4 million on nearly 1,600 screens in 13 markets (excluding its United Arab Emirates debut, for which figures weren’t available), driving the cume to $27.5 million.

In a promising indication of its longevity, pic abated by a reasonable 38% after its record preem in Russia, minting $2 million over the weekend and a hefty $7.5 million to date.

The “Angels” caper rang up $21.2 million from 6,068 engagements in 45 territories, hoisting cume to $77.1 million, with France, Belgium and Russia ahead.

McG-helmed pic opened at No. 1 in Germany, notching $3.2 million on 1,015 prints (29% below the original in local currency); $2.1 million on 493 in Spain (8% less); and $539,000 on 114 in Austria, including sneaks (4% shy).

Sequel did outperform the original in Mexico with $1.7 million on 403 (40% bigger, but trailing the second sesh of “Finding Nemo”) and in Brazil for $1.1 million on 295 (66% ahead).

Femme fatales have fetched a strapping $16.4 million through their third sojourn in Japan (easing by 28%), $10.9 million in 10 days in the U.K. (off 45%) and $8.2 million in 11 days in Oz (down 39%).

“The Hulk” muscled up an estimated $7.8 million from 3,000 playdates in 27 countries, raising cume to $53.5 million, with 19 markets, including the U.K. and Japan, on the horizon.

Universal’s sci-fier commanded a decent $505,000 on 82 in Sweden but a sub-par $341,000 on 104 in Holland, clearly weather-affected in both cases.

The big green guy wilted in his second weekends in Germany (tallying $3 million after a slow start, plunging by 61%); Spain (a sturdy $5 million, off 60%); and South Korea ($2.4 million, losing 67%).

“Bruce Almighty” delivered $1.4 million on 102 in South Korea, BVI’s third-highest opener behind “Pearl Harbor” and “Finding Nemo,” and $900,000 on 63 in Belgium, a record for the distrib, beating “Signs.” Jim Carrey starrer drew $10.2 million in BVI’s 23 territories, spurring cume to $115 million including two Spyglass markets.

Korean romantic comedy “Singles,” saga of four friends/lovers all aged 29, ruled on home turf, wooing $3.3 million.

“Finding Nemo” cruised to $28 million in 16 countries, mostly in Asia and Latin America, buoyed by Venezuela’s $235,000 bow on 55 (a BVI high in local currency), Mexico’s socko $9.7 million in 10 days (slipping 34%) and Brazil’s $3 million in ditto (abating by 22%).

After capsizing domestically, “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas” is resonating more strongly in its first foreign voyages.

DreamWorks toon has whistled up a hearty $1.9 million in 11 days in Oz and a terrif $1.6 million in its Korean debut. UIP was projecting a sturdy $1.8 million bounty in its first six days in France, including the Monday Bastille Day public holiday.

“Daddy Day Care” surged by 26% in its third outing Down Under, cashing in on the school vacation, elevating the total to a superb $7.2 million. Eddie Murphy starrer picked up an OK $1.3 million on 404 in the U.K., positioned for the holidays. It’s collected $14.5 million in six territories, including Mexico’s handy $4 million.

After bombing last month in Japan, handled by indie Herald, “The Italian Job” showed a bit more zip in Italy, taking $419,000 on 172 — good enough for top spot in a depressed market.

“The Matrix Reloaded” topped $421 million, fueled by its $2.7 million payload in its sixth orbit in Japan, which brought the territory cume to a socko $75.7 million.