‘T3’ sweeps to o’seas B.O. victory

Arnold pic mints $25.6 mil, approaching $200 mil plateau

Sequels still pack plenty of punch overseas judging by the weekend bows of “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” in France, Belgium and Norway; “American Wedding” in Australia; and “Bad Boys II” in South Korea.

Also pumping up biz, “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” wowed auds in the U.K. and Thailand and “Finding Nemo” notched yet another toon opening record, this time in Taiwan.

The frame’s champ, “T3” manufactured an estimated $25.6 million from around 6,500 prints, propelling its cume to $183 million. It’ll cross $200 million next weekend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle captured roughly $8 million on 852 screens in France, hailed by Sony as No. 18 in the industry’s all-time opening weekends and the third-biggest this year behind “Taxi 3” and “The Matrix Reloaded.” “T3” was similarly brawny in Belgium ($770,000 on 90) and Norway ($550,000 on 84).

Not helped by the heatwave in Europe, the actioner experienced typical drops in its soph sessions, scoring $3 million in Germany, off 48%, amassing $12.3 million to date; $3.5 million in the U.K., down 56%, tallying $18.1 million; and $1.65 million in Spain, skidding 56%, for $9.7 million.

‘Pie’ tasty for UIP

Kicking off its international rollout, remonikered Universal/UIP laffer “American Pie: The Wedding” dominated Oz, cooking up $2.8 million on 212 playdates, commanding nearly half the market. That ranks as U’s eighth biggest opening weekend locally and the best for the “Pie” series, boding well for the comedy’s debut this Friday in Blighty.

The “Bad Boys” sequel collared approximately $2.4 million on 190 prints in South Korea, Sony’s widest-ever release in the territory and the third biggest bow this year.

‘Pirates’ hoists flag

“Pirates of the Caribbean” stole an estimated $6.2 million on 446 in the U.K., a record debut for a Jerry Bruckheimer production, 20% ahead of “Pearl Harbor.”

Swashbuckler seized $725,000 on 128 in Thailand, on par with “Armageddon” and almost doubling “Pearl Harbor.”

Gore Verbinski-helmed adventure eased by a moderate 21% in Japan, corralling about $3.5 million, bringing the nine-day total to a stellar $12.5 million.

It fell by a reasonable 36% in Mexico, taking $1.6 million over the weekend (still No. 1) and a hefty $5.8 million in 10 days, and it reigned again in its fourth outing in Argentina, where it’s pocketed nearly $2 million.

BVI estimated the pic’s weekend haul at $12.8 million, spurring the cume in a handful of territories to $29 million.

Fish squish dinos

“Finding Nemo” caught $625,000 in Taiwan, beating the debut of previous animated champ “Dinosaur” by 15% and 35% up on “A Bug’s Life.” Its Saturday gross was the market’s second best this summer behind “The Matrix Reloaded.” “Nemo” cume topped $57 million, just from Asia and Latin America.

“Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” bottled $3 million from holdovers, upping cume to $141.2 million, past the original’s $138.8 million.

“The Hulk” advanced to $91 million, buoyed by openings in Bulgaria, India, Lebanon and Slovenia. It launches Aug. 29 in Italy, the last major territory.

“2 Fast 2 Furious” revved up to $88.6 million, with Japan slated for Aug. 23 and South Korea for Sept. 5.