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O’seas B.O. buoyant

'Pirates' plunders Europe as other films soar

The B.O. spoils were shared fairly widely in a generally buoyant frame last weekend with “Pirates of the Caribbean” conquering parts of Europe, “American Wedding” the toast of Germany and the U.K. and “The Italian Job” remake triumphing in Australia and Mexico.

“Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” goosed Greece, the “Bad Boys” sequel was terrific in Thailand, and “Bayside Shakedown 2” soared past $100 million in Japan.

Disney’s “Pirates” minted $20.5 million from 3,156 screens in 25 countries, propelling cume to $106.2 million, with 40% of international markets ahead. Swashbuckler collared $2.5 million on 171 in Russia, the industry’s third highest preem behind “T3” and “The Matrix Reloaded,” and a solid $535,000 on 35 in Hong Kong.

Gore Verbinski-helmed adventure snared $3.8 million in France, abating by 30%, tallying a terrif $10.9 million in 12 days; and $2.8 million in Spain, off 34% after a record bow for BVI, hoarding $11 million in 10 days.

Johnny Depp starrer also kept the lead in its soph sessions in Holland and Belgium and was No. 2 in its third voyage in the U.K., scoring $22.6 million so far, down 30%. “Pirates” has collected a socko $34.4 million in Japan and $9.2 million in Mexico, both through its fourth frames.

“American Wedding” wooed $5.2 million on 760 in Germany, Universal’s ninth biggest preem locally, and $725,000 on 109 in Austria. Laffer fetched $1.9 million on 290 in Spain, the studio’s 12th biggest debut. “Wedding” wooed $3.5 million in Blighty (easing by 35%), bringing the 10-day total to a juicy $14.7 million. UIP calculated its weekend take as $12.3 million from just five territories, including Oz, boosting cume to $29.2 million.

“T3” grabbed $794,000 on 86 in Greece, the market’s fourth-highest preem. Sci-fier mustered $10.3 million in 52 territories, hoisting cume to $237 million; with Italy ahead, it’s destined for north of $260 million.

“Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” is having a bumpy ride overseas, picking up a fairly muscular $3.4 million on 700 prints in France; a disappointing $2.45 million on 456 in the U.K.; a so-so $420,000 on 45 in Belgium; and a top-ranked $275,000 on 61 in Denmark.

Angelina Jolie starrer rang up an estimated $8.6 million in 22 markets, upping cume to $36.5 million, including South Korea’s $4.6 million and Germany’s $4.4 million in 11 days.

“Italian Job” stole $2.35 million on 259 in Oz with sneaks, $905,000 on 285 in Mexico and a handy $218,000 on 39 in the Philippines. Mark Wahlberg-Charlize Theron starrer stumbled in its first offshore engagement in Japan in June (released by an indie), scraping up about $4.5 million, and has taken a mediocre $2.4 million in slumbering Italy.

Local cop caper “Bayside Shakedown 2” is unshakeable in Japan, arresting $5 million in its sixth weekend, elevating cume to a stellar $102.3 million to become the third Nippon film to cross the century mark after toons “Spirited Away” and “Princess Mononoke.”

Chinese actioner “Hero” drummed up $3 million in its second sojourn in Japan, handled by WB, spurring its total to a strapping $13.5 million. “2 Fast 2 Furious” drew $1.17 million on 150 in Japan — no surprise as the original grossed a modest $3.7 million there. Actioner’s cume hit $92.2 million and will likely reach $100 million after launching in South Korea, Hong Kong and sundry small markets.

“Bruce Almighty” topped $190 million, purely from holdovers, and has lots of upside with Japan and France on the horizon.

Continuing its successful tour of Asia, “Bad Boys II” seized $965,000 on 166 in Thailand, eclipsing the predecessor’s $735,000 lifetime total. Buddy cop saga has rustled up $12.3 million in seven markets, highlighted by South Korea’s $6.8 million.

Early in its rollout, “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” opened in top spot in New Zealand with $347,000 on 50 and stayed at No. 1 in South Korea, fetching $1 million during the weekend (down only 25%), for $5 million in 10 days.

A Fox pickup in Latin America, romantic comedy “Lisbela and the Prisoner” caught $658,000 on 245 in its home market of Brazil. That was the second highest opening for a local pic behind Hector Babenco’s prison drama “Carandiru.”