‘Matrix’ still loading o’seas

'Bruce' divine in Southeast Asia; 'Nemo' swims in Malaysia

Hurtling through the third weekend of its international campaign, “The Matrix Reloaded” captured an estimated $56 million in 62 countries, propelling the cume to a dizzying $250 million.

Still, Disney’s BVI isn’t ceding the lead-up to summer to Warner Bros.’ blockbuster; it unleashed “Bruce Almighty” in Italy and Southeast Asia over the weekend and “Finding Nemo” in Malaysia, posting stellar numbers.

In its sole significant preem, the Wachowski brothers’ epic collared an estimated $415,000 on 70 screens in Indonesia, with sneaks, projected to be an all-time territory record.

While Warner generally was not forthcoming on the sci-fier’s soph session descents in major markets, the typical erosion appears to be around 50% — reasonable, given its stratospheric bows and a heatwave in Europe.

“Reloaded” seized an estimated $6.3 million in the U.K., accounting for 57% of the market, upping its 10-day tally to a hair below $36 million.

In Germany, it grabbed roughly $6.1 million (a 70% share), outgunning the first “Matrix” by 50%, elevating cume to $24.6 million.

Pic drummed up $3.6 million in Spain, amassing $12.6 million in 10 days; and an estimated $3.5 million in Italy, for $13 million in ditto. Among its other dazzling totals are South Korea’s $11.9 million (falling by just 28% in Seoul), Mexico’s $8.9 million, Russia’s $6.5 million and Brazil’s $6 million (off 23%).

In its third orbits, “Reloaded” downloaded approximately $5.8 million in France ($30.1 million cume) and $2.2 million in Australia ($16.5 million).

“Bruce Almighty” whistled up an estimated $2.7 million on 300 screens in Italy, a record locally for Jim Carrey, beating “The Truman Show” by more than 50%.

Laffer picked up $770,000 on 33 in Singapore and $380,000 on 35 in the Philippines, No. 1 in both and personal bests for Carrey, surpassing “Liar Liar” by 40% and “Ace Ventura 2” by 15%, respectively.

Launched in Malaysia day-and-date with domestic, “Nemo” commanded 80% of the territory’s B.O., drawing $275,000 on 50, a Pixar record and 40% higher than “Ice Age’s” bow.

“Bringing Down the House” brought in a solid $1.9 million on 365 in Blighty and $900,000 on 280 in Mexico, per BVI’s estimates.