‘Matrix’ running low on ammo o’seas

Sci-fier sold nearly 9.1 mil tickets worth $55.3 mil

Coming off awesome and in some cases record preems, “The Matrix Reloaded” plunged by an average of 53% in major markets last weekend as the blockbuster’s international cume soared to $250 million.

In its third orbit, the sci-fier sold an estimated 9.1 million tickets worth $55.3 million at more than 9,300 screens in 62 countries.

Apart from that metal fatigue, the more pressing problem for exhibs is that biz below the Wachowski brothers’ epic is painfully thin.

That indicates minimal spillover audiences for other films and scant interest in alternative fare including “Kangaroo Jack” and “Old School” in Germany, “Blue Crush” and “Half Past Dead” in Spain and “Basic” in France and Australia.

“Reloaded” collared $291,000 on 36 screens in Indonesia, a WB record locally and the industry’s second biggest debut; with sneaks, it’s earned $441,000.

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In its soph sessions, the sequel is tracking 160% up on the original in Italy, 148% ahead in Spain and 37% bigger in Germany. Sci-fier seized $6.1 million in the U.K., accounting for 66% of the top five’s B.O., despite a 57% drop, bringing its 10-day tally to $35.9 million.

In Germany, it grabbed $5.5 million (a 71% market share), falling 55%, elevating cume to $24.2. million. Pic drummed up $3.5 million in Spain, (down 46%), amassing $12.5 million in 10 days, and $3.27 million in Italy (off 53%), for $12.8 million in ditto. In its third laps, “Reloaded” downloaded $4.2 million in France ($28.8 million cume) and $2.2 million in Australia ($16.5 million).

The WB/Village Roadshow pic seems to have a lock on $500 million, and $600 million seems possible depending partly on how it performs in Japan, where it launches this Saturday.

“Bruce Almighty” knocked off the Keanu Reeves starrer in Italy, whistling up $3.8 million on 353 (half as many prints as “Reloaded”), a record locally for Jim Carrey, doubling “The Truman Show.”

Laffer locked up $680,000 on 33 in Singapore and $550,000 on 60 in the Philippines, No. 1 in both and personal bests for Carrey, surpassing “Liar Liar” by 30% and “The Mask” by 16%.

Launched in Malaysia day-and-date with domestic, “Finding Nemo” commanded 80% of the territory’s B.O., drawing $255,000 on 29, a Pixar record, 20% higher than “A Bug’s Life.”

In Japan, its last major market, “8 Mile” reigned in its second stanza, making $1.7. million (slipping by 23%, despite a typhoon that hit the country), upping the total to a handsome $6 million. Cume reached $116.3 million, within a whisker of overtaking domestic’s $116.7 million — a remarkable feat considering pic’s star rapper Eminem isn’t a pop culture icon in many territories.

“Two Weeks Notice” levitated to $105.4 million, spurred by Japan’s respectable $3.6 million in nine days, abating by a trifling 5%.

Ending its foreign tour, “X2: X-Men United” captured $352,000 on 132 in India, Fox’s third biggest entry and the industry’s fifth best, propelling cume to $177 million.

After a mediocre run Down Under, “Bringing Down the House” redeemed itself in its next two major market try-outs, nabbing $1.9 million on 388 in Blighty, including previews, and $900,000 on 310 in Mexico.