Thesp-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger remained a solid European draw even as the record-breaking heat wave took a toll — while “Pirates of the Caribbean” raked in impressive B.O. booty.

Consensus emerged that while air-conditioned venues drew well, the oppressive temps precluded many patrons from any kind of recreational activity. Overall U.K. biz was down 22% on last weekend and down 5% on the same weekend last year, with Sunday Aug. 10 the hottest ever day on record in Blighty — the temp tipping the 100 degree mark for the first time ever.

One tradester commented, “Given the extraordinary weather, weekend biz held up admirably.”

“T3” fell 63% in its second U.K. weekend to $3.6 million, but exhibs said the decline was not disastrous, since the pic had always been viewed as a front-loaded performer.

German B.O. slid 38.3% from the previous weekend, as “T3” dropped nearly 60%. “Movie theaters have no chance in this heat, ‘Terminator’ or no ‘Terminator,’ ” said one Teuton exhib.

The association of German film theaters (HDF) has gone so far as to declare Germany’s exhib industry is “massively endangered” because of the weather, along with appealing to the German Film Board (FFA) and the Federal Chancellery for Cultural and Media Affairs (BKM) to defer monthly dues and loan payments for the month of August.

In France, however, the opening week of “T3” goosed that nation’s B.O. by an impressive 78% with $8.89 million at 849 playdates.

In Spain, “T3” tumbled 53% over its second weekend for a $9.15 million 10-day cume, but exhibs said they had factored in the decline.

“The fall-off was as expected,” said one Spanish booker, who praised Arnie’s visit to Spain to tubthump the film. “The pic has had huge coverage, and Arnold has a huge fan base here ever since he shot ‘Conan’ in Spain way back when.”

“T3” has cumed $194 million in 55 territories as of Aug. 12, topped by the U.K. with $19.7 million and Germany with $13.3 million. That’s nearly $50 million above the domestic cume, with Italy the only remaining major market not yet reached.

BVI’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” swashbuckled its way to $8.8 million its first six days in the U.K. Exhibs attributed the success to the combo of Johnny Depp’s perf, solid reviews, auds perception of the pic as being “fresh,” the blossoming exposure of home-grown thesps Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom, and the flashy London preem.

Two-week takings by “Pirates” in Mexico totalled $6.1 million through Aug. 11, and $16.8 million in Japan through Aug. 12, when overseas cume hit $37.1 million, or about $200 million behind the domestic total.

BVI’s “Finding Nemo” continued to fish up respectable returns in Asian and Latin American territories, with a $57.8 million cume and a ranking as the No. 1 animated pic in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

Mexican cume for “Nemo” has hit $18.2 million, while mainland China has totalled $2.4 million in two weeks, and Taiwanese takings hit $680,000 last weekend. “Nemo” opens in the fall in Europe and in Japan in December.

“Bruce Almighty” continued to show a higher power as it cumed past $178 million, about $60 million short of the domestic total. The Jim Carrey-Jennifer Aniston laffer has taken $11.2 million in four weeks in Mexico, repping the top perf by a comedy in that market, and managed a fourth place finish after seven weeks in Spain while cuming $18 million. It’s yet to open in Japan and France.

Sony’s “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” cumed $143.1 million, nearly $50 million above the domestic perf with Japan as the top territory at $25 million followed by the U.K. at $19.5 million.

Fox’s “Phone Booth” rang up $1.7 million in Spain and $1.2 million in Germany, pushing the foreign total to $32.9 million, or about $13 million short of the domestic take.

UIP’s “American Wedding” debuted in Oz with an inviting $3.4 million in its first foreign market.

Spanish gross-out laffer “La Fiesta,” shot on digital video for $5,700 and released by BVI, generated a promising first weekend of $200,298 off 100 copies.

(Archie Thomas in London, Sarah Martin in Paris, Ed Meza in Berlin and John Hopewell in Madrid contributed to this report.)