Euro B.O. dominator

'Terminator' big in bows; 'Pirates' raids U.K.

While blistering temperatures zapped the B.O. across most of Europe last weekend, “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” proved to be a welcome diversion as it bowed in France, Belgium, Norway and Poland, and “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” conquered the U.K.

Elsewhere, “American Wedding’s” debut was tasty in Australia, “Bad Boys II” revved up South Korea and “Finding Nemo” set another toon-opening record, this time in Taiwan.

Fast heading for $200 million, “T3” amassed an estimated $27.5 million from about 6,700 prints in 52 markets, driving cume to $186.1 million, with Italy ahead. Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle has managed the rare feat of No. 1 bows in all 68 offshore territories.

“T3” captured $8.3 million on 852 screens in France, including limited sneaks, the third-biggest entry there this year behind “Taxi 3” and “The Matrix Reloaded.” Sci-fier flexed its muscles in Belgium ($802,000 on 90), Norway ($550,000 on 84) and Poland ($466,000 on 83).

Heat hurts B.O.

The heatwave resulted in heavier-than-usual attrition for the pic in its soph sessions, scoring $3.6 million in the U.K., down 55%, tallying $18.2 million; $2.8 million in Germany, off 57%, racking up $12.2 million; and $1.6 million in Spain, skidding 56%, for $9.7 million.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” stole $6.1 million on 452 in the U.K., BVI’s third highest live-action opener behind “Bruce Almighty” and “The Sixth Sense” and a record for producer Jerry Bruckheimer, 20% ahead of “Pearl Harbor.” Lots of publicity for Brit thesps Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom fueled the preem.

Swashbuckler seized $655,000 on 133 in Thailand, BVI’s second biggest bow behind “Armageddon,” and $240,000 on 35 in Israel. Gore Verbinski-helmed adventure mustered $4 million in Japan (easing by just 14%, benefiting from the Obon holidays), bringing the nine-day total to a socko $14 million, although trailing the fourth outing of local pic “Bayside Shakedown 2.”

Good booty for ‘Pirates’

BVI estimated “Pirates’ ” weekend haul at $13.1 million, hoisting the total to $30.6 million in just 11 territories.

“American Pie” sequel cooked up $2.8 million on 212 playdates in Oz, its first market, Universal’s eighth biggest opening weekend. It beat the second edition, which had the advantage of opening in the December holidays.

“Bad Boys II” arrested $2.4 million on 182 in South Korea, the market’s fifth highest debut this year, eclipsing the predecessor’s $2 million lifetime earnings. Actioner drummed up $226,000 on 51 in Indonesia, the fourth biggest this year.

“Finding Nemo” hooked $670,000 on 19 in Taiwan, 20% up on previous animated champ “Dinosaur,” and ruled in its second lap in China (abating by 27%), pocketing a tidy $2 million to date. Pixar/Disney pic’s cume cruised to $57.3 million, purely from Asia and Latin America.

‘Throttle’ in gear

“Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” grabbed a feisty $616,000 on 285 in China and reasonable sums in Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela. Cume zoomed past the original’s $138.8 million to $141.9 million.

“Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” dug up a moderate $730,000 on 297 in Mexico and $482,000 on 102 in Holland, both below the original, and plummeted in its second lap in South Korea, where it’s grossed a hearty $4.1 million.

“Phone Booth” dialed up an impressive $1.3 million on 254 in Spain, a modest $908,000 on 311 in ailing Germany, and was so-so in Austria and Switzerland. Colin Farrell starrer has banked a healthy $32 million, but with France and Japan the only remaining major markets, won’t catch domestic’s $46 million.