Arnold, ‘Pirates’ rule the seven seas

'T3's' o'seas B.O. passes up domestic tally

The “Terminator” ran amok in Europe over the weekend while Disney’s “Pirates” cut Universal’s “Hulk” down to size in Japan.

“Bad Boys II,” meanwhile, began its foreign tour with gusto in Southeast Asia, although handicapped by high age classifications in Malaysia and Singapore.

“Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” minted an estimated $40 million over the weekend (including the non-Sony markets Japan and South Korea), elevating the foreign haul past domestic’s to $141 million. Pic became the 13th title to cross $100 million this year.

Sci-fier captured approximately $9.6 million on 762 prints in the U.K., including Thursday night sneaks, the industry’s 17th biggest opening weekend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle raked in roughly $7.7 million on 1,062 screens in Germany, with previews (the market’s second highest debut this year behind “The Matrix Reloaded”); $5.7 million on 581 in five days in Spain, having bowed, unusually, on a Wednesday; $1.7 million on 483 in Brazil (No. 6 of all time); and $1.2 million in five days on 109 in Sweden.

Man-vs.-machines saga grabbed an estimated $1.1 million on 113 in Austria (No. 13 in history), $410,000 on 58 in Finland, $360,000 on 101 in South Africa and $270,000 on 34 in Israel. Through its fourth orbit in Japan, “T3” has amassed an estimated $43.6 million.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” unlocked about $5 million on 280 in Japan, on par with previous Jerry Bruckheimer hits “Armageddon” and “Pearl Harbor.” BVI was sure the swashbuckler would rank No. 1 in Japan’s nine key cities but won’t be able to verify until today whether it beat the third outing of local cop action/comedy “Bayside Shakedown 2” nationwide.

“Pirates” reigned in Mexico, digging up an estimated $2.8 million on 500-plus screens, outgunning “T3’s” debut the prior weekend. It’s pocketed a lucrative $1.8 million through its third sojourn in Argentina, still No. 1 as it eased a trifling 4%.

“The Hulk” came up short in Japan, fetching about $1.2 million on 258. Universal/UIP locked in that date some time back, aiming to take advantage of next week’s Obon vacation, and couldn’t avoid the head-to-head clash with “Pirates.” U figures the giant’s angry eruptions, when provoked, is the antithesis of the culture in Japan and tried to address that in the local campaign, evidently not successfully. Pic’s cume is $87.5 million, with Italy the only major market on the horizon.

The “Bad Boys” sequel stole an estimated $510,000 on 18 in Taiwan, doubling the original, helped by an age 12 rating, and $320,000 on 68 in the Philippines — three times bigger than the first — as it benefited from an age 13 tag.

Sony was forced to cut back its print order in Singapore after the actioner was hit with an age 21 classification, resulting in a modest $180,000 on 15 screens, although 20% up on the predecessor. An 18 rating in Malaysia, where the first “Bad Boys” was banned, was a hindrance for the follow-up, which took $170,000 on 36 — good enough to be No. 1.

“Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” raced to $136.2 million, a few days away from overtaking the original’s $138.8 million lifetime total.

Continuing its swing through Asia, “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” rang up a feisty $850,000 in four days on 34 in Hong Kong.