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Venice Sets Sail

The Venice Film Festival's starry lineup features new works by Ana Lily Amirpour, Jane Campion, Ridley Scott and Denis Villeneuve.

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  • ‘FBoy Island’

    HBO Max's "FBoy Island" remixes "The Bachelorette" by way of "Love Island" and ends up with something even dumber.

  • ‘Sexy Beasts’

    Netflix's masked dating series disappoints, failing to recreate the insight or verve of "Love Is Blind" or "The Masked Singer."

  • ‘The End’

    Harriet Walter and Frances O'Connor star in this dark comedy airing on Showtime after a run in Australia.

  • ‘The Green Knight’

    With Dev Patel as a fellowship of one, director David Lowery turns a fantastical dream-poem into the myth under the myth of popular culture.

  • ‘Old’

    Director M. Night Shyamalan turns a day at the beach into a nightmare of aging in this twisty thriller. But are his gimmicks getting old?

  • ‘Snake Eyes’

    Henry Golding rules in a sleek ninja-combat thriller that's nothing like a typical G.I. Joe movie.

  • Pop Smoke’s ‘Faith’

    The list of guest stars expands substantially on Pop Smoke's "Faith" — from Kanye West to Dua Lipa — but so does his thwarted palette.

  • Clairo’s ‘Sling’

    Clairo's second album "Sling," a collaboration with Jack Antonoff, is a power-pop triumph loaded with vintage sounds evoking the early '70s.

  • Sault’s ‘Nine’

    The British R&B collective Sault has released its fifth innovative, socially conscious album in two years — available for just 99 days.

  • ‘Bach & Sons’

    A potentially fascinating play about Johann Sebastian Bach is marred by miscasting in Nicholas Hytner's world premiere production.

  • ‘Seven Deadly Sins’

    The Meatpacking District's newest unholy attraction tests the limits of how far live theater can go amid a global pandemic.

  • ‘Under Milk Wood’

    Michael Sheen leads the cast of "Under Milk Wood," a tender but fitful reimagination of Dylan Thomas' celebrated play.

  • ‘After Life’

    Based on Hirokazu Kore-eda's 1998 film, the play explores a fascinating idea, but it never comes alive as a fully-fledged drama.