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Movie nitpickers share their discoveries

Among the contenders for best picture, Chicago has 10, Gangs Of New York, 29, The Hours, 0, The Pianist, 0, and The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers has a whopping 145. Errors, that is, according to the sharp-eyed nit-pickers at Movie Of course, the more people who watch a movie (and re-watch, and re-watch), the more likely they are to spot errors. And the more technically inclined the audience, the more likely they are to come to this site to list the faults they’ve seen.

It is interesting, and instructive to film editors, to see what types of errors these film enthusiasts seem to notice, but there’s also a certain satisfaction in noting that “Spider-man” has almost 10 times the glitches as “Memento.”

The site’s moderator says he started the site not to ridicule films, but to make watching his favorite movies more interesting. Dinner time must be fun around his place.

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