HOLLYWOOD — The Screen Actors Guild has launched a redesigned Web site dubbed “SAG 24/7” to emphasize its new around-the-clock self-service features.

SAG, which has 98,000 members, has kept the same URL at sag.org but said the revamped site is easier to use.

“As those of you who visited the old SAG site know, sag.org is nothing if not comprehensive, but after a few years, the site was beginning to resemble your teenage brother’s sock drawer,” a message on the site declared. “SAG 24/7 has got the same great information, but organized in a more logical, goal-oriented way.”

SAG said the revamp includes an updated look, more user-friendly navigation and editorial content, greater online security and new interactive features. For example, members can track current details about their residuals including the date and amount of residuals being mailed by SAG and the productions for which the residuals are being paid.

SAG said the site has been redesigned so that the home page will reflect the user profile.

“We are redesigning many our of operations to provide SAG members improved services and provide them with immediate access to vital information,” said chief information officer Beverley Kite.

Future upgrades in the works include online dues payment processing, casting and “Station 12” clearance to confirm that a performer is a SAG member in good standing.