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Cursor pointed at onwalkers, Bush

Media critic interviews newscasters' nightmare is an aggressively liberal, libertarian, counter-culture media analysis site that, as best I can tell, has the only interview series available online of a repeat “onwalker” — someone who appears behind a television personality while they’re broadcasting. This particular fellow, who wished to remain anonymous, was trying to stimulate the T.V. watchers at home to think critically about the news they were being presented; a noble goal, but since this interview ran several years ago, not one that had legs.

Other people have tried to come up with words to describe an action that’s become more common as news broadcasts increasingly feature “live” presentations for all sorts of news stories. And, no matter what message onwalkers wave or yell behind the newscaster, you can’t fast forward through it with TiVo or you’ll miss the news. Madison Avenue, take note!

Of course, the rest of charitable organization is worth checking out as it tries to “[educate] the public on the relationship between media and society.” It’s mostly focused these days on the Bush administration’s military strategy, but also takes time to examine, well, actually, it’s all about Bush these days.

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