‘Pie’ dishes up some DVD extras to tout pic

Re-releases help promote third installment

The “American Pie” filmmakers have baked up a slice of marketing a la mode.

Producer Chris Moore gathered cast and crew to create some additional DVD supplemental material for the re-release of the first two movies. The re-releases are timed to coincide with the upcoming theatrical bow of the third film in the series, “American Wedding.”

The newly produced making-of segments will be offered as free new DVDs called “Beneath the Crust: Volume 1” and “Beneath the Crust: Volume 2” with the purchase of “American Pie” and “American Pie 2” starting July 29.

“We as filmmakers, along with the entire cast, were heavily involved in the brainstorm, creation and development of these special DVDs,” said Moore, a producer on all three films. “This is our way of saying thank you to the ‘American Pie’ fans.”

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It’s also a way to promote “American Wedding,” since each DVD will include a mail-in rebate offer for a free theater ticket to the pic, which opens Aug. 1.

(Jennifer Netherby is a reporter for Daily Variety sister publication Video Business.)