Cabbage Patch dolls get in toon

Musicvideo, kidvid in the works

Two decades after they burst on the toy scene, the Cabbage Patch Kids will go 3-D under an animation deal among 4Kids Entertainment, toonmaker IDT Media and toymaker Original Appalachian Artworks.

The Kids, a seemingly endless set of mush-faced, personalized dolls, inspired huge runs when they debuted. In all, more than 90 million dolls have been sold.

Under the deal with IDT and 4Kids, they will be the subject of two 3-D CGI animation projects. One is a musicvideo, the other what the companies call an “active play” title. IDT’s Digital Production Systems unit will create the animation, the first in 3-D for the dolls.

The musicvideo will feature a perf by pop singer Jaimie Lee, known as J-ME. The active play video will be designed to get children to exercise while watching. Both are targeting the lucrative kidvid market, and will be distributed by 4Kids Home Video.

IDT Media is a unit of a large telephone company IDT, and uses its networks to shift projects among three production hubs in Los Angeles, London and Israel and hundreds of animation houses of varying sizes around the world.