Webby TV Nom: Nick.Com

Interactivity aplenty, but some explanations needed


I couldn’t help but click around Nick.com. For one, the interface is bubbly and bright, with lots happening to draw the mouse. For another, there were plenty of interactive elements, like polls and games and animated front screens, to play with. And, most importantly, I couldn’t find anything, so I had to click, click, click to locate what I was looking for. The labels sound similar and don’t really explain what’s underneath, and a few times, I clicked on one category, such as Web Lab, only to find the content of another category appear, such as All Nick. The show sites themselves, accessible from time to time in a scrolling box at the bottom of the home page, have the usual synopsis / shopping / cast / games / clips, but also include a message board and a few extras, like a virtual tour of CatDog’s home which seems to exist in order to allow the user to download wallpaper (get it?).

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