‘Tomb Raider’ site cradles clickers

Cool pix & visual content, but no narration, explanations


Paramount’s site for “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” has enough to keep you clicking for hours, and lacks only a compelling narrative to draw you through the mass of text, photos, video and other snazzy, flashy content.

For example, there are special picture files that give you a 360 view of several sets. But unfortunately there’s no explanation of what makes those views particularly interesting other than the technology used.

AIM icons, screensavers, a downloadable Orb, online chat, an “experience” (an endless series of images that you must click through randomly), trailers galore, cast and crew profiles down to the stunt co-ordinator… there’s nothing missing here. It seems clear that the site developers had excellent access to the creative resources used for the movie and to the shoot itself.

All in all, the depth of material gives you a definite sense of the immense scale of this movie, and perhaps that’s sufficient accomplishment for a tentpole movie site.

Links to partner sites and advertisers abound. The front page alone links to Jeep, Panasonic, AT&T, CosmoGirl, IGN, Fandango, Apple, UGO, CountingDown, BandBuilder, MTV, Hollywood Records and of course TombRaider.com, the site of the video game that started it all.