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Museum of TV, radio encourages clicking

Historical exhibit info around every virtual corner


Much like the building itself, the Web site of the Museum of Television & Radio is open, airy, and not altogether easy to get into.

But get yourself past the front page, with its browser recommendations and membership enticements, by clicking on the little “welcome” text link, and then you’re deep into detailed descriptions of what the museum has to offer.

There’s a virtual tour of both physical locations (Los Angeles and New York), several calendars of exhibitions and seminars, and information about supplemental programs the museum has put together — for example, the teachers’ guides they’ve put together for school groups.

Do try to click on even the tiniest text; for example, there’s a great description of past exhibitions, with still images and detailed historic descriptions, but the link is hard to spot when you first go to that part of the Web site.

Someday, maybe it will be possible to access the museum via your TV; until then, there’s still enough material here to entice you to visit the place in person.