Mix tapes, 2003-style

Site helps you decide what theme music to burn


Mix tapes: you know — from when you listened to cassettes and had enough time to make the perfect music accompaniment for a road trip, a potential relationship or a theme party.

But then CDs arrived, with all the songs locked on that shiny digital platform, life got busy and a six-CD changer on random play was almost as good, wasn’t it? Not really, but you made do.

Well, technology marches on, MP3s are easily bought individually (or downloaded illegally) and most every computer is shipping with a CD burner. It’s time for a comeback on the mix-tape scene.

But your skills are rusty, and that’s where Tiny Mix Tapes steps in. You give them a theme and they’ll give you a song list, which you can then go fill. The theme can be anything; some good ones are “Moving to a City You Can’t Stand,” “Cheesy dance music so that I can practice being a cheesy Janet Jackson dancer in my dreams” and my personal favorite, “Songs to get over writer’s block.” I’ll let you know if it works.

The mix service is a small but fascinating subsection of Tiny Mix Tapes, a Web site providing music and concert reviews, tour dates, features and interviews.

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