‘Freaky’ site offers nuggets of wisdom …

...but dorky teen translator doesn't deliver


The site for “Freaky Friday” is noisy and frenetic but does cover all the bases. In addition to cast, photos, synopsis, screenings and tickets, there are several light touches that entertain.

Most interesting is a small, Windows-only fortune cookie program that you can download and double-click to seek enlightenment. My fortune: “Do not step on those that are smaller, but lift them up and create harmony.”

Other nice diversions include an interactive band creator tool, where you select the heads, clothing, band name and music track for a brief animation clip that you can then send to friends — though there’s no indication on the sending page of what else they will do with those addresses collected.

The teen translator, though, falls flat: The target audience of the site is clearly adolescents, so defining phrases like “da bomb,” “busted” and “dorky” is as unnecessary as it is uncool.

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