Comics2Film, in a single bound

Projects followed closely by fans of the medium


Since before Little Orphan Annie hit the silver screen in 1932, there has been a long and sometimes rocky history of comics being made into films. While some phenomenal successes have been achieved — “Superman,” “Batman” and “Spider-man” — there are also the dismal depths of “Howard the Duck,” “Swamp Thing” and “Richie Rich.” Television, too, has had its hits and misses: Superman has been the source for many well-received series, while “Birds of Prey” showed that women in tight leather costumes isn’t always a sure-fire hit.

Nevertheless, comics adaptations are hot now, and one Web site has been watching this subgenre extremely closely. Comics2Film, in the person of site editor Rob Worley, has been covering the topic for more than five years. The site often breaks Hollywood news by approaching from the other side of the fence. Once I got past the headache-inducing design, I found details of 568 comic-based film and television projects (granted, not all listings were up-to-date). The site is built around on small news nuggets, organized by source material. Some items are gleaned from a wide range of other news sites and some from original reporting by Comics2Film.

This is then coupled with a slashdot-like in-depth discussion of the validity, ramifications and overall advisability of the given news item. The community that supports this site cares avidly about the success and influence of comics beyond the local specialty store, though shrill fan reviews can be extremely harsh to anyone who carelessly alters the continuity of the source material.



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