‘Bruce’ site not all that mighty

Transitions, navigation befuddle mere mortals


OK, there’s nothing wrong with the site for “Bruce Almighty.” I mean, I didn’t sprain a finger or go blind. But there’s nothing special about it either, despite the obvious time and effort that went into it. It’s got visually interesting (though eventually exasperating) transitions after every click, page elements bounce and jiggle appealingly when you point your mouse at them. But then the designer went and took a very familiar computer element, the scroll bar you use to go up and down a page, and for some reason placed it across the bottom of all the text, even though you still want to go up and down as you read. Why? Did the main character, Bruce, given sudden omnipotence, decree scroll bars go sideways? Or did the designer simply feel they had to do something out of the ordinary on this otherwise bright and bland site?

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