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There’s one thing the media likes to read about: the media. IWantMedia — that’s the name of the site, not a personal plea — brings together stories about television, publishing and the Internet media businesses, offering a mixture of original interviews and summaries with links updated so often it’s daunting. If you aren’t addicted to intraday updates, the daily email offers a good morning dose of news.

The site’s content is similar to Jim Romenesko’s daily column, but while Romenesko tends to cover the people of and in the media, IWantMedia covers the companies themselves, often at the corporate level. IWM also offers a large list of resource link collections about every aspect of the media business.

Special topic areas on the site, such as the Iraq war, media consolidation and a massive list of industry layoffs , offer great background on these sprawling, evolving stories.

IWM’s daily news summaries are syndicated to other online sites, so you might be reading it elsewhere already without having visited this one-man site. Patrick Phillips, who started it in late 2000, leaves his computer screen from time to time and has posted insightful interviews with Sumner Redstone, Tina Brown and Matt Drudge, among others.

Disclosure: Several subscription sites have given IWM a method of linking to stories that readers can then access without subscribing; Variety is one of those sites.

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