Politico looks to halt screening

Yadav claims pic portrays bad image of him, Bihar state

An angry politician in India’s eastern state of Bihar Friday sought a court order to halt the screening of a new Bollywood movie he claims belittles him, as his supporters began raiding cinemas showing the film.

The villain of the movie bears the same name as the lawmaker — Sadhu Yadav.

“The film portrays a bad image not only of me but also of the state of Bihar,” lawmaker Yadav said in his court application. The film, “Gangajal” (Holy Water), is based on a true story set in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district where in 1980 local police allegedly blinded 34 awaiting trial convicts by injecting acid in their eyes.

“Sadhu Yadav is just a character in the movie,” director Prakash Jha told reporters. “The movie has nothing to do with the profession of politics nor is it a caricature of the Bihar politician.” The director claims that he had written the script 15 years ago after interviewing a prisoner named Sadhu Yadav. The lawmaker of the same name is the brother-in-law of Bihar’s high-profile maverick politician Laloo Prasad Yadav.

He claimed his being named in the movie is a plot to discredit him by a rival political group.

The movie stars Ajay Devgan and Gracy Singh.