Naughty ‘Big Brother’ gets second chance

Dispatch: Malawi

JOHANNESBURG — A court has told pubcaster TV Malawi it can defy the government’s order to take “Big Brother Africa” off the air.The government banned the show on Aug. 5 because of the sexual on-screen antics of the housemates from 12 African countries. However, on Aug. 15 Justice Dunstain Mwaungulu ruled that the government had not followed the correct channels and lifted the ban.

TV Malawi director-general Benson Tembo said the pubcaster would consult its board of directors about the decision. “The court has affirmed that only professionals at TV Malawi have the right to judge what should go on or off air,” Tembo added.

Malawi is not the only African country to balk at scenes from the house, which include drunkenness and nudity. Namibian president Sam Nujoma asked Namibian TV not to broadcast the reality show because it was “un-African.”

Zambian clerics have accused the show of corrupting the young, while a Ugandan cleric is leading prayers to have Ugandan housemate Gaetano Kaggwa evicted from the house for his sexual liaison with South African housemate Abby Plaatjes. She was evicted on Aug. 17.