Maintain the trust

Variety editorial

In the wake of the Jason Blair affair and the subsequent resignations of Howell Raines and Gerald Boyd at the New York Times, the newspaper biz is, healthily, being spurred to rethink its commitment to getting things right — and being more responsive to complaints.

The daily struggle to dot the I’s and cross the T’s is one this paper takes very seriously as it does its ongoing efforts to put stories in the right context. At the same time, reporters in Hollywood have to be ever vigilant to sidestep spin and to see through hype, while editors endeavor to put stories through the thresher and rigorously reshape them to give the reader the best news we have to offer.

This is not to say we at Variety always get it right or that what we practice can ever be perfectible. Corrections and clarifications to what we print are part and parcel of newspapering; we will continue to strive to service our readers by hearing out complaints and dealing fairly and promptly with inaccuracies.

Kinder and gentler we won’t be.