BERLIN — Fallen Teutonic TV topper Leo Kirch’s son Thomas has been formally asked to return unpaid loans worth E150 million ($170 million) to the bankrupt Kirch Media.

The insolvency administrator, Michael Jaffe, notified authorities of “irregularities” last year, including unpaid loans in the millions to former Kirch execs. A lawsuit is pending to force repayment.

The loans to Thomas Kirch amounted to $150 million by December 2001, according to Kirch Media documents, although no official records were drawn up to account for the credit until April 2, 2002 — six days before Kirch Media’s insolvency.

Munich prosecutors have been investigating several former Kirch execs, including Leo Kirch and deputy chief exec Dieter Hahn on suspicion of embezzlement and falsifying documents in connection with the loans since the company’s collapse.

The district attorney’s office also is examining the many high-priced “consultant” deals Leo Kirch had with high-profile politicians, attorneys and auditors. Kirch’s consultants included former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and former federal finance minister Theo Waigel.

In August, U.S. producer Haim Saban acquired Kirch Media’s biggest asset, multichannel terrestrial network ProsSiebenSat 1, for $1.3 billion.