Hallmark adds branded mag

Women's lifestyle publication centers on sentimentality

Hallmark Cards, parent company of the Hallmark Channel, is extending its brand to folios following the success of Oprah Winfrey’s O magazine and ESPN’s the Magazine.

Titled simply Hallmark, the first edition of the woman’s lifestyle and relationship mag is in its first printing of 100,000. Depending on its success, a second test issue will follow.

In keeping with the Hallmark brand, best known for its sentimental greeting cards, the mag will focus on sentimentality. Debut issue contains articles “Best Friends: Real Women Tell What Keeps Them Close” and “Making Family Memories.”

“The magazine is about connecting to others, and relationships in general,” said Linda Odell, a Hallmark rep.

Odell said there was no specific demographic target for the mag. “It’s more of a psychographic. Women whose relationships and connections are important cut across ages.”

Similar to the women’s-interest Lifetime network, which last month launched an eponymous magazine, Hallmark will rely on the strength of brand recognition.

Unlike Lifetime, which is considered a mature network with nearly 86 million domestic subscribers, the general-entertainment Hallmark Channel is still growing, with 51 million subs.The Hallmark Channel is a division of Crown Media Holdings.