Arnold campaign gets the Lowe down

'Wing' star will organize a coalition supporting candidate

As he puts together a team of what he calls “the best, the greatest and the brightest,” Arnold Schwarzenegger has tapped former “West Wing” co-star Rob Lowe to join his campaign.

A rep for Lowe had no comment about the move, but the Schwarzenegger campaign said the former “West Wing” star will coordinate a coalition of artists and entertainers endorsing the candidate.

The Schwarzenegger camp plans to officially announce that effort, and other coordinators, later this week.

“Arnold is exciting and dynamic to the Hollywood community and, we’re thrilled Rob has decided to bring on as many artists and entertainers to the campaign as possible,” Schwarzenegger spokesperson Sean Walsh said.

It’s a partisan shift for Lowe who has been a Democrat. Schwarzenegger is running as Republican.

While Lowe is most noted recently for portraying a White House political adviser on “The West Wing,” friends say he has long been a political junkie. He stumped for Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis in 1988 and teamed with Jane Fonda to support a California clean water initiative in 1986.

In addition to Lowe, Schwarzenegger has brought on billionaire investor Warren Buffett and George Schultz, Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan, to advise him on economic policy.

Last week, Schwarzenegger said, “We want to put together the best, the greatest and the brightest. I need as much input as I can from business leaders, so I can hear what the real problems are out there.”

Schwarzenegger, though, had to distance himself from Buffett when the investment guru suggested in a Wall Street Journal interview that property taxes were too low in California.

The latest Field Poll showed Schwarzenegger with 22% support in the race to replace Gov. Gray Davis. The state’s lieutenant governor, Cruz Bustamante, led with 25%.