Redstone still sez no to U

Sci Fi Channel only asset of interest

Just in case Vivendi Universal didn’t hear him clearly the first time, Viacom chief Sumner Redstone reiterated he’s not interested in buying Universal Studios.

Speaking at the Sanford Bernstein investor conference in Gotham Wednesday, Redstone said Sci Fi Channel is really the only piece of the Viv U yard sale Viacom would be interested in bidding for, though he acknowledged it would be tough to get Sci Fi without having to bid for other Viv U assets. The Viacom chairman and CEO’s words came a day after Viv U positioned itself as an equally choosy seller, suggesting it could find ways to sell off assets to different buyers without necessarily triggering debilitating tax liabilities.

Redstone was far more sanguine about deal-making prospects opened up by FCC broadcast ownership deregulation. “The day may come when Viacom will acquire a major company,” Redstone told investors.

Praising his management team, Redstone noted daughter and National Amusements prexy Shari Redstone would not be in line to run Viacom “when I say goodbye.”