Jury awards producer $1 mil

Prod'n co.'s split leads to breach of fiduciary duty verdict

Producer Marilyn Vance won a $1 million jury verdict late last week against her former partner, businessman Alan Mruvka.

Vance sued Mruvka in 1999 in L.A. Superior Court over issues related to the dissolution of their production company, Ministry of Film. On Friday, a jury found in favor of Vance on her claim of breach of fiduciary duty.

Vance, a well-known costume designer whose credits include “Pretty Woman” and “The Untouchables,” moved into producing after she teamed up with Mruvka in 1993. The company produced such films as “Digging to China” and “Legend of Gator Face” as well as TV series including “Pacific Blue” and “Erotic Confessions.”

Vance, who has returned to costume design, recently completed “The Girl Next Door.”

Vance’s attorney, David Myers, said: “It’s sad that a business it seems should have been a great success didn’t work out. What’s important now is that the parties can hopefully move on with their lives.”

Mruvka’s attorney, Sheldon Lodmer, said they intend to move for a new trial and, if necessary, an appeal.