Inside Move: O’Keeffe suit dropped

Fiorentino eyes clean break after biopic fight

Georgia is no longer on Linda Fiorentino’s mind.

In 2001, Fiorentino was to star in the Georgia O’Keefe biopic “Till the End of Time.” The production ended in a lawsuit, with German producer Karel Dirka claiming breach of contract. Dirka dropped the suit late last year.

“I’d much rather be in movies than litigation,” said Fiorentino, who has also dropped her countersuit for alleged fraud and defamation.

Fiorentino is no stranger to provocative scenes, having delivered sexually charged perfs in “The Last Seduction” and “After Hours,” but scenes planned for the O’Keeffe biopic were apparently too much.

The thesp objected to engaging in simulated anal sex with Ben Kingsley, a scene of masturbation and to wearing a long-dead diva’s dirty underwear as part of her performance.

“It was a biography,” Fiorentino said Wednesday in her first interview on the subject since walking off the pic. “I couldn’t find any historical references to Georgia O’Keeffe masturbating on a rock. There were all these arbitrary scenes to make investors happy.”

Fiorentino said Dirka, who presold rights to the movie after losing gap financing, went so far as to have a costumer FedEx Marlene Dietrich’s unwashed silk panties from Germany, insisting she wear them in a scene.

“Georgia O’Keeffe didn’t even wear underwear, let alone Marlene Dietrich’s,” laughed Fiorentino, who said she learned a lot in standing up for herself and demanding that her original contract be honored.

“You have rights, as an artist and as a woman,” she said. “It’s not as if I didn’t agree to do some nudity. But they crossed the line. It was a question of integrity.”