Chiklis faces suit over commissions

Suit sez thesp was abusive to agents, stiffed payment

Personal management firm Evolution Entertainment. has sued actor Michael Chiklis for $1 million, claiming he refused to pay commissions due on income generated by the FX cable series “The Shield.”

According to the complaint, filed Monday in L.A. Superior Court, Evolution first managed Chiklis in 2000 when he appeared in the series “Daddio.” He terminated the firm while that series was still shooting. Evolution only agreed to represent Chiklis again in May 2001 after he promised he wouldn’t leave the firm and refuse to pay commissions again.

According to the suit, “Chiklis has developed a course of conduct whereby he would land certain roles in certain series, and then would terminate certain of his representatives in the middle of those series.” the suit said. After terminating, the suit alleges, he would not pay commissions due for the “life of the deal” as per industry custom.

The complaint further alleges Evolution urged Chiklis to fight for his Emmy-winning role on “The Shield” while others advised against it because the series was on a basic cable channel. As Chiklis became more successful, the suit claims, he became abusive to agents and others. Chiklis in one instance, according to the lawsuit, insisted Evolution try to get the actress playing his wife fired, the complaint alleges.

Evolution was fired before the end of “The Shield’s” first season, and Chiklis allegedly has since refused to pay commissions. Suit says the actor also fired agent Leigh Brillstein and ICM three months later.