Scholastic loses suit

Co. upset Stine skein aired on Fox Family

Harry Potter” publisher Scholastic Entertainment has lost its case against the Fox Entertainment Group over kiddie TV series “Goosebumps.”

Skein originally aired on Fox before it was moved over to sibling net Fox Family from 1999-2001. At issue for Scholastic was whether the phrase “Fox-related entities” included the Fox Family Channel in the terms of the broadcast license.

A Los Angeles Superior Court dismissed all of Scholastic’s claims and ruled in favor of the defendants.

State case was not the only one filed by Scholastic. Earlier it filed a federal lawsuit against Fox based on the same complaints. Scholastic lost that suit in December 2001.

Earlier this year, another long-running dispute between the publisher and “Goosebumps” creators R.L. Stine and Parachute Press was settled out of court. Scholastic paid nearly $10 million for trademark and ancillary rights.

Ironically, these tangles have outlasted most of the principals involved. Fox Family was purchased by Disney in 2001 and rebranded as ABC Family. The popularity of “Goosebumps” began to wane in 1997.