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Subpoenas surf the Net

List of lawyers, what to do when served among site's services

With copyright protectors such as the RIAA taking their legal fight to the streets, so to speak, a Web site has been set up for those on the receiving end of a copyright infringement subpoena.

According to the site, The Subpoena Defense Alliance exists “to assist consumers and Internet Service Providers who have been served subpoenas seeking the identity of customers who use the Internet for private communications.”

Set up as a joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and several other privacy and consumer groups, the site offers a quick list of lawyers, a list of steps to follow if you get served, and a few news links. It also links closely to where you can report what you consider improper use and abuse of subpoenas.

If you’re a recalcitrant individual engaged in file trading or might be mistaken for someone who is, it wouldn’t hurt to add this to your bookmarks.

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