Don’t heed wolf

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The big bad wolf, with his huffing and puffing, is a frightening creature. In the end, however, he is unable blow down the brick house and everyone inside is safe.

For actors today, that house is your union and the bricks are the people you, the membership of the Screen Actors Guild, elected to guide us. Our house has been made even stronger with the bills passed, deficit lowered and residual tracking and delivery improved.

The big bad wolves loudly defame your leaders, invent problems where there are none and decry the changes that the transformations in our business now mandate. And the only weapon they have is the same one used in the original fairy tale: a lot of wind.

I believe most voting members will realize that Kent McCord and others are spinning facts into fear and will find strength in the stronger home we are all hoping to build together with leaders who have a vision of strength and success. There you will find your pensions safe, your voting rights intact and your contracts strengthened.