Bart on target

Letter to the editor

To the Editor:

Peter Bart’s column (“Perversity of Diversity,” Daily Variety, June 9) took a look at the FCC’s recent ruling from an intereresting angle. Though I do agree that we should focus more on “sensibility than body count,” as he puts it, I’m not quite ready to throw the diverse baby out with the bathwater.

That said, ultimately, no human being running a studio can influence it more than the stock price of the multinational conglomerate that owns it. Put a Teletubbie in charge of any of the major studios, and I doubt it would do anything but stay the risk-averse course of action and f/x. Actually, we’d probably get even more sequels.

People aren’t in charge of big corporations, big corporations are in charge of big corporations. They don’t gnash their teeth about content, they don’t dream about making TV and movies better, they’re not evil, they’re not good, they’re just … big companies.

Their bigness requires a lot of work to make them flourish (or, lately, appear to flourish)–and the stock price is the main concern. Not how good or bad the content is that’s coming out, and certainly not its diversity of sensibility.

And with last week’s ruling by the FCC, I believe it’s going to get worse.

Scott M. Gimple

North Hollywood