To the Editor:

I am writing regarding the relegation of the Emmy award for visual effects to a sub-ceremony of the creative awards show.

I am a founding member of the Visual Effects Society and have also been a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and a member of the visual effects peer group since 1990. I have spent more than half my life working in this field — a field that is arguably the most demanding in the film and television business.

At this point in my career, I am not used to being treated with the contempt that is displayed by the decision made by ATAS regarding the Emmy award.

I am disgusted by the history of the Board of Governors’ lack of respect for our creativity and technical achievements. When the visual effects category was introduced, it was in recognition of the unique and special contributions visual effects makes in television. The skill and ingenuity demonstrated by this particular area exemplifies what an Emmy-worthy achievement is about.

Much more so that any other single category, visual effects work is the epitome of an amalgamation of the art and science in film and television.

This latest slap in the face to some of the hardest working people in the industry is unlikely to be ignored.