Univision kicks in shows

B'casts first major acquisition for museum's Center

MIAMI — Univision Communications will announce the donation of hundreds of hours of Spanish-lingo broadcasts to the Museum of Television & Radio at a press conference today at the Gotham museum.

It marks the first major acquisition by the museum’s new Center for Spanish-Language Programs, the first such institution in the United States.

The center’s mission is to build a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind collection of TV and radio programming from Latin America and Spain as well as U.S. programming produced for Hispanic audiences.

The formal presentation of Univision’s initial gift of 100 hours will be made Feb. 4 in Miami Beach at an event honoring the museum’s new initiative.

Under the agreement, the first 100 hours of programming Univision gives to the MoTR will include all 15 broadcasts of kudofest “Premio Lo Nuestro,” 20 hours of music programming by “Premio” award winners and another 50 hours in other genres.

Univision has committed to donate to the museum an additional 50 hours of its programming a year for 2004 and 2005. Besides music awards show such as “Premio Lo Nuestro,” the programming will include variety shows like the long-running “Sabado Gigante,” telenovelas and network and local newscasts.